Best Jogging Track Near Me: With Green Environment and Fresh Oxygen.

Best Jogging Track Near Me: Which Enrich Your Think With  Green Environment Look and Fresh Oxygen.      

Best Jogging Park At Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Best Jogging Track Near Me

 I hope you are all doing well. Welcome you all to my Blogging site.
Everyday I woke up at 06:30 hrs, I think it is too late. Please Comment me in comment section when are you woke up.
Today morning I went for jogging to my favourite place which is full of greenery and with fresh oxygen. You can see the picture of my favourite place where I am jogging 5 days in a week.

        This place is full of Tree, looks rich in Greenery and environment providing fresh oxygen which we need for our body in every second.
       During jogging I met one friend who is working in Jharkhand State Electricity board. I asked him why occurring power cut frequently in JSEB board he answered me that due to high demand of power consumption and Low power Generation Power Cut off occurring frequently. So many things we discussed within one hrs of jogging, If you want to know the more details about JSEB status please comment me.

     After all daily morning routine I ate my Break Fast Upma,Four Boiled Egg, we should eat eggs everyday to fulfill the need of protein in our body.

  In daily routine I read news paper and watched TV. From that I gathered some Important News for you. let's take look into the news updates.

      Government of India going to privatise some PSU Banks like Central Bank Of India, Bank Of Maharashtra, Indian Overseas Bank and Bank of India. So If you have Account with these Banks be alert and so be updated always about Bank news. The Privatisation Process takes 5-6 month, So within this period please think wisely to keep your money safe.

    Another news is that Indian Industrialist Goutam Adani Surpassed Jeff Bezos ( Founder and CEO, Amazon) and Elon Musk ( Founder and CEO, Tesla) in wealth creation for financial year 2020-2021.He has Jumped $16.2 Billion to $50 Billion in the year. Where as Asia's Richest person Mukesh Ambani only added $8.1 Billion to his Wealth.

       Mumbai- NIA arrested Mumbai police officer who is involved in the explosives laden car parked outside Mukesh Ambani house. This is very embarrassing as founder police officer also bet the Country. These officers not at all think about the security of the country.

     Jammu & Kashmir- Terrorists active now in Jammu & Kashmir as Informed by DG Jammu & Kashmir. Some  terrorist are in the state and Encounter Process is on the way and some are waiting in the Lunch pad.

    Thank you Friends reading our post.If you like please Like, Share and Comment. Again we will come with some important news and interesting story.

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