The Ultimate Revelation Of Health Benefits Of Honey: Minerals And Nutrition In Honey

The Ultimate Health Benefits of honey and Nutrition, Minerals with honey which is very important for our body for day-to-day life: Vitamin-B, Zinc, Iron, Cooper, Calcium and many more;

Health Benefits Of Honey
Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey Contains some amount of Vitamins and Minerals may include Vitamin-B, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Zinc and many more which are get from soil and nectar producing plants are very useful for our health. 

        If certain amount of Honey taken everyday in empty stomach it gives huge health Benefits.

Some of the Health Benefits of Honey are

1. It has Great Healing wounds Property:

Honey contains propolis, 50 % resin, 30% wax, 10 % essential oils, 5 % pollen and 5 % other organic compounds. The Minerals in honey reduces the free radical activity and promotes synthesis of collagen which beneficial for wound healing. It has proven benefit for healing foot ulcer and certain types of acne.

2. Reduces Risk Of Cancer:

Honey has the property to induce tumour cell death, reduce inflammation and restrict tumour growth.

3. Soothes a Cough

Honey has the great  medicinal property to soothes cold and Cough. It's use very effective for treating coughs and sessional flues in children due to its high antioxidant Property.

4. Improves Regularity: 

Honey has right property for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. If it is taken on an empty stomach, it soothes stomach, reduces diarehea and constipation symptoms.

5. Improves Reproductive Health:

Honey has the great property for improvement of female Reproductive Health. It also reduce premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms if one take honey on regular basis within limit.

6. Useful for body weight Management:

Honey is an excellent natural food to burn body fat.  It is one of the best food which helps to loose weight faster. You can consume a little honey with warm water on empty stomach which helps to increase the body metabolism and helps to reduced weight very fast. 

7. Improves Immune system: 

Honey is an excellent natural ingredients/food  product which has countless medicinal property, It naturally helps to curing sore throat. It has sufficient antioxidant property, so it helps to improve  body immunity power, helps to fight against infection that caused by bacteria and  virus.

8. Nourishes Skin and Face: 

Honey is a natural moisturiser so it  can be used to Nourishes face and skin. It is very useful for dry skin. So many cosmetic producing company using honey for their product as a moisturiser. It is also useful for treatment of cuts, burns and wounds and some other infections.

9. Honey Boosting Memory Power: 

Honey is best food or you can say best natural medicine for  memory loss treatment. It can be used to increase brain power and memory and its regular consumption  make you healthier. 

10. Natural home remedy for Dandruff:

Honey is used by so many brand companies for their hair product. But we can use honey in our home for treatment of dandruff as it is a good home remedies and easily available product in the market. Its preparation is so simple, All you need to do is mix 2 tease spoon of honey with equal amount  coconut oil and apply it on your hair, for best result hold it for 15 minutes and then rinse with as you wish, Specially it is used for treatment of dry skin and dry hair type. 

11. Used for Sinus issues

Generally sinus occur due to some infection caused by heavy pollution and dust in the environment which many people are suffering in these days. So when we suffer from sinus issues we can use honey for the best result, because honey has the antibacterial and antiseptic property that can clear the sinus problem and soothes our sinus cavities.   

12. It helps for Sleeping aid

If any of you have trouble falling asleep you should drink warm milk with honey before going to bed. Contemporary Doctors are also recommending to have warm milk with honey to get ride of sleeping issues.

13. Reduces Gum Problem

Honey has antibacterial and antiseptic property so it is broadly used for treatment of gum diseases caused due to bacterial and fungi infection. It is also used with water for mouthwash and can be used as tooth paste for sometimes to get relief from pain. 

14. It has medicinal property to control Eczema

Eczema is a skin disorder condition that causes flaky, itchy and red discomfort. So for the treatment of eczema we can use honey and olive oil or honey and coconut oil mixture to get ride of the problem. Usually teenagers and young children are suffer from this problem. So we can treat eczema at our home with low cost and easily available home made medicine.

Nutrition In Honey

         Honey contains many naturally collected Minerals which includes Vitamin-B, Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Iron and it has great antioxidant property. The sugar in honey is about 50% glucose and 50% sucrose. It has no fat contains and contains protein depends on product available in market. It is also use in so many medicinal product due to high antibacterial and antiseptic property. So it is used by many brand companies for their hair and skin product due to its high moisturising property.

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