Lost Your FASTag; Don't Worry, Here Is The Complete Solutions To Get Your New FASTag

Lost Your FASTag; Don't Worry, Here Is The Complete Solutions To Get Your New FASTag, Replace Your Scratch FASTag and Change Your FASTag Ownership

Lost Your FASTag, Scratches On FASTag Chip and FASTag Damage Then Here Is The Solutions
Solutions For FASTag Chip Damage, Scratches On FASTag Card and If You Lost Your FASTag For Some Reason.

FASTag was lunched by Department Of Transport, Government of India (GOI) and Implemented by National Highway Authority Of India (NHAI). For the time being FASTag is mandatory for all vehicles which are traveling through National Highway, they have to pay National Highway Toll Plaza charges through FASTag only. 

FASTag is an electronic chip which operates through Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. It is an electronic based payment system through which National Toll Plazas charges are paid. Fastag is attached at the wind shield of vehicle, when vehicle cross through national toll plaza toll charges automatically deduct from fastag linked wallet or bank account. There are many benefits are available with FASTAG for the users. Users no need to carry cash for National Toll Charge Payments and vehicle no need to wait at toll plaza. Vehicle owner and toll plaza official can track all transactions details at their own convenience online through  FASTag wallet or online FASTag linked bank account.

However FASTag is valid only for 5 years, after expire you have to purchase new FASTag for your same vehicle. FASTag can't be used for more than one vehicle. 

But sometimes you may face problem due to scratches on FASTag chip, FASTag chip damaged due to wind shield broken and FASTag lost due to some reason. So to get ride of all these problems  all solutions are available in this story. Read all the solutions carefully and solves your FASTag related problems at your finger tips.

Solutions, If FASTag Scratches Or Damaged:

Unfortunately if you found your FASTag not working due to scratches or damaged due to some reason then what is the solution for this problem, because these problems may be occurred at the time of delivery of FASTag from FASTag issuer agency or may be after few days use of FASTag. Such scratches or damage also occur during washing of your vehicle wind shield. So if any of the above problem you are facing with your FASTag, Immediately contact your FASTag issuer agency customer executive and explain them about your problems you are facing with your FASTag card. After you registered a complaint to your FASTag issuer agency they verify your credential details which you provided during purchase of FASTag and vehicle number registered with FASTag. After all verification process complete they will issue a new fresh FASTag card with applicable charges which will be delivered at your provided address. Then you activate your FASTag through linked Wallet or linked bank account for use at toll plaza, your previous FASTag balanced would be added to your new FASTag wallet balance automatically. If not added automatically ask your Fastag issuer agency to transfer your old Fastag balance to your new Fastag balance.

Solutions, If You Lost Your FASTag Card:

If you lost your FASTag card, inform your fastag issuer agency to block the FASTag immediately so nobody could misuse the Card. Then talk to your FASTag issuer agency customer executive and tell them you lost your FASTag card, then they will guide you step by step what to do next. After completed their all verification process you will be issued a new FASTag Card which you can use after activation through your linked Wallet or linked bank account. If you are unable to activate your FASTag Card through linked Wallet or linked bank account you can ask your issuer agency to activate your FASTag card. 

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