WhatsApp Stop Working- Know The New Feature Update Details From WhatsApp

WhatsApp Stop Working- Know The New Feature Update Details From WhatsApp, See If Your Phone Is Compatible With New Updates Or Not

WhatsApp Stop Working On Some Devices From 1st November 2021
WhatsApp stop working on some devices from 1st November 2021, Check your Phone Compatible with new version of WhatsApp or Not.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform, In the application along with instant massage there are so many other features such as video calling, group video calling, massaging to a group, can create group, in application camera in which you can directly click a photo and record video to send to your friends. On time to time WhatsApp updates the application with new features so users use the application to fulfill their purpose and for the security of the application. But this time WhatsApp updates a new features in which some old phone will not compatible with the application I.e the application will stop working on some devices from November 1st 2021.

The new WhatsApp updates have a minimum hardware and software required to run on the phone. WhatsApp mentioned that they will soon start removing support for some Android, iOS and KaiOS gadgets running on old operating system (OS) versions.
So, if users want to use the instant messaging application they have to upgrade their old device to a new one to enjoy the new updated features of massaging application "WhatsApp".
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Now here you get to know beyond which versions of OS from  Android, iOS and KaiOS will support the instant messaging app.

For Android Users

The devices run Android version beyond 4.0.4 will support the massaging application.
Here is the collection of some devices in which WhatsApp will stop working include, Samsung S-Duos, Samsung Galaxy SII, Old version Micromax Smartphone, Optimistic L5 Dual, Optimistic F7, old version Sony Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, Optimus F5 and more. Other wise you can check your phone settings to know which version of Android OS running with your phone. If you found your phone is running with lower than 4.0.4 Android version then you have to upgrade your phone to use WhatsApp.

For iOS Users

WhatsApp is an instant massaging application, It will stop working from 1st November 2021 on Iphone running older than iOS 10 version. I.e WhatsApp will work on Iphone running beyond iOS 10 operating system. The list of IPhones devices in which the massaging application will stop working is iPhone SE (1st generation), iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus.

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For KaiOS Users

KaiOS is an operating system which is mostly used by Reliance JioPhone. So if you are using JioPhone must know your Phone is compatible with newer version of WhatsApp massaging application or Not. WhatsApp will run only on JioPhone running on beyond KaiOS 2.5.0 operating system version. The list of JioPhone which will support WhatsApp massaging application are JioPhone and JioPhone 2.

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