WhatsApp Safety- Protect Your Personal Credential If You Are An Active User Of WhatsApp, Know All Safety Tips To Stay Safe

WhatsApp Safety- Protect Your Personal Credential If You Are An Active User Of  Instant Massaging App WhatsApp, Know All Details About Safety Tips To Protect Your Personal Data From Fraudsters

Tips To Stay Protected On WhatsApp, WhatsApp Safety
WhatsApp Safety- Protect Your Personal Credential If You Are An Active User Of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an instant massages and calls  APP used in all over the world. It offers end-to-end encryption to secure communication on the platform. While your messages and calls are secure and encrypted, there are several bad elements are out on WhatsApp such as Scamsters, Fraudsters and Harass People. This instant massaging APP owned by Facebook. 

Now people in the world using WhatsApp for their Personal as well as Official use. Some professionals using WhatsApp in their offices to conduct online meeting with their official staffs or with customers. Everyone want to use WhatsApp for every purpose due to WhatsApp user friendly interface. This instant massaging APP is very simple and reliable to use for all and every purpose.

Due to increasing demand of WhatsApp use among people, WhatsApp always updating new features to keep users data safe and secure. Along with safety of personal data, WhatsApp updating new features for the users which hepls them to use the instant massaging APP with easily.

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Here in this story there are some useful tips you will get to know to keep in mind to be safe on WhatsApp  " How to protect your personal credential on WhatsApp ?" So read the lowdown tips carefully to know the details safety tips to protect your personal data.

1. Hide your profile picture from those who are not in your contact list.

2. Go to "Setting", Click on "Account", then click on "Privacy",. Here you will see" Profile Photo" Which can be set to- Everyone, Nobody or Contacts Only.

3. Always updates your WhatsApp which will provide you new features to the APP and also provide extra security.

4. Most updates features security patches that make the APP safer to use and prevent hackers from infiltrating.

5. Always keep active Two-Factor Authentication. This security feature set a double lock on your WhatsApp account. First, the account is protected with a code or biometric lock on the App itself so as no one but you can open it only. Then the Second level is receiving an OTP on a registered mobile number.

6. Select and Block contacts you won't be chatting with to prevent them from messaging you unnecessarily.

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