Government Of Odisha hike 50% Salary For Primary School Teachers

Odisha Government Has Increased 50 % Salary For Contractual Primary School Teachers; Effective From January 2022

Odisha Government Increases 50 % Salary For Contractual Primary And Junior School Teachers.
Good News For Odisha Primary School Teachers, Their Salary Will Increase 50 % From Now

Chief Minister Of Odisha (CMO) announced gift for the primary school teachers working on contractual basis along with that some Junior teachers also get the benefit. 

State Government of Odisha has decided to increase salary of contractual and Junior primary school teachers starting from January 2022. As per the state Government decision their salary will be increased 50 % from now.

Chief Minister Of Odisha Mr. Naveen Pattnaik tweeted on the CMO_Odisha official tweeter account "CMO_Odisha" that Contractual Primary school teachers salary will increase from Rs 7,400 to Rs 11,000 and Junior Primary school teachers salary will increase from Rs 9,200 to Rs 13,800. From this Government decision almost 13,324 contractual primary school teachers and 19,714 Junior Primary school teachers will get the benefit. As per CMO tweeter account government of odisha spend 168 cores rupees for the benefits of teachers.

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