Boiler Operation Engineer (BOE) Previous Year Questions With Answer

 Boiler Operation Engineer (BOE) Examination Previous Year Questions With Answer

Q.1. Incomplete combustion can be best judged by

Ans- Measuring carbon monoxide (CO) in flue gas.

Q.2. In water wall furnace (Boiler) heat is transferred  to water by

Ans- By both Radiation and Conduction.

Q.3. For industrial process heating the best quality of steam is

Ans- Dry saturated steam.

Q.4. The parameter used by ASME (American Society Of Mechanical Engineers) to define fans, blowers and compressors

Ans- By Specific Ratio.

Q.5. In a glass tube type water level indicator for a boiler, one end of the tube is connected to the water space and other end is connected to 

Ans- Steam Space.

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Q.6. The maximum heat loss in a boiler occurs due to 

Ans- Dry Flue Gas Loss

Q.7. The measure losses in a boiler are

Ans- 1. Losses due to moisture in coal (1.77 %). 2. Losses due to Hydrogen in coal (4.19 %). 3. Dry flue gas loss (4.12 %). 4. Unburnt carbon losses (1.5 %) 5. Unaccounted losses (1.07 %) 6. Losses due moisture in air (.13 %) 7. Radiation losses (0.2 %) 8. Manufacturer margin losses (0.5 %).

Q.8. Approximate Efficiency of Pulverised Fuel Fired Boiler is

Ans- 86-87 %

Q.9. The percentages of Carbon Dioxide at Economizer outlet is maintained 

Ans- 15.25 %

Q.10. Corrosion resistance of steel is increase by addition of

Ans- Chromium and nickel 

Q.11. In arc welding , eyes need to be protected against

Ans- Infrared and ultraviolet rays

Q.12. The gases used in tungsten inert gas welding are

Ans- Argon and Helium

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Q.13. In indirect steam heating, the heat using heating application is

Ans- Latent heat

Q.14. The unit of water conductivity is

Ans- Micro Siemens/ Cm or Micro Mho/ Cm

Q.15. Types of safety valve used in boiler

Ans- 1. Spring loaded safety valve. 2. Lever safety valve. 3. Deadweight safety valve. 

4. High steam & low water safety valve.

Q.16. The stack height of power plant generating capacity less than 200/210 MW decided on what basis ?

Ans- Height of Stack= 14 (Q) 0.3

Where Q is emission rate of SO2 in Kg/hrs.

Extra Note:- Power Plant Generating Capacity 200/210 MW or less than 500 MW the stack height is 220 metre. For 500 MW and above stack height is 275 metre.

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